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Petition · Help Stop Parental Bulling and Violence Against Women and Children · Change.org

Petition · Help Stop Parental Bulling and Violence Against Women and Children · Change.org.

Justices for mother and son please sign and share to stop Parental and children abuse/bullies our children from injustices.

After my son saw the news, showing your picture (California Supreme Court Chief Justices Tani Cantil-Sakauye )and saying that $30 million is missing, he said, “Mom, you do not want to go there. You are telling one fox that another fox raided the hen house. What are you thinking?” I told him, “I agree with you, but they are still researching there. Would you like to send them a message? You never know – maybe someone will hear you.” And he wrote, “. I am Saam, I am a child who put up with all of your abuses I have no vote, no say or voice, yet I think I matter. will you tell them that child abuse destroys our future? Now would you listen to me? I have more scars than friends.” the rage is on, tell your story too, mayday




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