The Light Within

Each of us is born with amazing traits which we all forgot about because of the difficult times or painful events. Whatever the reason might be, we all have the capacity to bounce back and not allow darkness and negativity to alter our perception. When we align with the laws of the Universe which is a pivotal requirement in the process of creating the best possible existence for ourselves and the society, and then we will see the difference we all desire.

The Journey of Transformation

The Journey of Transformation

Small steps taken every day can transform your life quickly and bring happiness beyond your imagination. Anything is possible as long as you obey the Universal Laws, everything depends from you and you only. “Aligning and working with spiritual laws is the key to mastering yourself, your life and destiny.”- Dr. Elizabeth Taylor

Fire and Ice Cover

Fire and Ice


‘Fire and Ice’ is a captivating love story, brilliantly written, and heart inspiring. A born classic sure to be cherished by Romance readers for years to come.” Elle Febbo Best Selling Author and Social Advocate
Award Winning Author, Dianna Bellerose captures the romance of two people who madly fall in love and their turbulent life because of parent’s disapproval.
The main character Nancy is a beautiful, heartwarming, loyal wife and mother. But, her traits are not enough for her disapproving and manipulative mother in law, and as a result, she is constantly exposed to abuse and violence.
Lonely, confused and having no one around to help, she decides to alter her life. Determined to keep her family and seek happiness, she is forced to flee her native country.
As a big recession hits, she has to overcome so many obstacles from abusive relationship, financial down turn, to being betrayed.

Ashes and Ice

Ashes and Ice

Under the constant gloom of her crumbling marriage, Nancy fights to find the happiness her small family has lost. With the family business in turmoil and Tom’s drinking problems, the odds are stacked against them. Nancy and Tom must decide which path they will take…

Monster in the Mirror

Monster in the Mirror

As Ricky stares into the mirror, he no longer sees the monster that he once saw there, but the memory of his past still haunts him —the story he has never really told. As a child, Ricky faced one abusive episode after another. He is beaten, sexually assaulted, and demeaned by the adults that should be taking care of him. The only thing he has is the safety he feels from an angel watching over him during his times of hopelessness and the rare blissful relationship he has with his grandmother.

1 thought on “Books”

  1. Hi everyone :
    I would like to thank Dianna Bellerose for the book “ The Light Within “
    The book is dedicated to anyone who is ready and willing to change their life !
    The reason for being on this Earth !
    The book deals with a very common problems such as “ being bullied “ a problem everyone must have experienced as a child or as an adult.
    Questions we have to ask ourselves and be honest with our answers. And many many more issues and problems concerning our life.
    Truely I am enjoying every word, every idea, and I advise everyone to get it and consider it as guidelines to live a better life .
    The book came with a lovely gift, a watch which I really loved for it’s unique and meant a lot.
    “ Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels and what one achieves “
    # Jawaharlal Nehru #

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