ROAR Canada 2nd Annual Event- Conquer with Belief


The ROAR Canada 2nd Annual event welcomes over 500 people from the Ottawa Valley/National Capital Region.
Two events offering amazing growth opportunities:

ROAR Canada Mastermind 2pm to 4 pm
This year’s Mastermind will bring together over 150 female leaders from the Ottawa area to educate, support, brainstorm and offer peer accountability on developing hightened levels of personal development. The theme is ‘Conquer with Belief and Assurance’. This Mastermind will open up new ideas and challenge your perspective and offer growth opportunities for you and your mastermind co-participants. It will help to strenghen your self confidence and encourage you to reach out and achieve personal success.
[This event is limited to 150 participants. So get your ticket early.]

ROAR Canada Symposium 6 pm to 9 pm
We are delighted to welcome back Dianna Kokoszka to be our keynote speaker!
Dianna is an expert coach and mentor, and her passion for empowering women and men alike is contagious. She will share insight, tips and tools to help you ‘Conquer with Belief and Assurance’. The evening will also include a panel of local Ottawa women who have demostrated how to ‘Conquer with Belief and Assurance’. ROAR Canada’s 2015 panellists are: Kimothy Walker, Laura Booker, and Kelsey Bowes (Grade 12 Student).
This event will ignite and inspire success within you and the people in your life. Please join us to ‘Conquer with Belief and Assurance’
Note: Purchase a group of 10 or more tickets and get preferred seating for your group on a first-come, first-serve basis. All other tickets are general admission.

For more information, visit our website at www.canadaroar.com

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