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Kirkus Review – A debut memoir of survival from an author who finds strength in her religious faith.
“CW Seymore recounts the horrific physical, emotional and sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father throughout her childhood. The author maintains a calm, unaffected tone; the memoir is never bitter. Readers will be left with the impression of a woman who endured a traumatic childhood and came to understand how it shaped her; along the way, she maintained a sense of strength driven by both her own personality and the support she drew from her faith.” — Kirkus Review

“Shards of Glass will push all your buttons and wake you up to the reality many of us live with, but seldom acknowledge or write about. It is simultaneously horrific and hopeful, striking a fine balance between facing
down  the barrel of violence and not letting it define who we are or how we survive.”
–Gabriel Constans: Ph.D. Author: “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!” “Grief’s Wake Up Call” and“Good Grief: Love, Loss & Laughter.”

“As a Humanitarian and Writer I fully endorse “Shards Of Glass” by CW Seymore. I Commend her Tenacity, Spirit, Faith in GOD and Courage to painfully reveal her story. CW will open wide the eyes of the reader to this
problem and give hope and inspiration to those who have equally suffered the nightmare of abuse and will touch the hearts of all of us to stand up, takenote, be responsible and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Two Thumbs Up! This Book Should Be On The Best Sellers List!”

–Pete DeLorenzo: Nationally recognized; Comedian, Actor, Recording Artist, Producer, Director and  Humanitarian.

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