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Diana Bellerose Fondation- Raising Money for Education and DV Prevention For Women and Girls

I wish to visit India and eventually Pakistan this year. My mission is to help educate girls and boys of how pivotal is to love each other and dissolve differences based on gender, language, color of the skin or anything which creates separation because WE are the same, so I am looking for a crew to accompany me when I visit India this year. The reason is because I wish to interview leaders, visit schools, learn about their life and learn about what they wish to see changed.
I would love if someone or a company wish to be be part of the interviews and help finance the visit. In exchange, they will have their companies name connected to this amazing documentary and their financial support will make a huge impact in the lives of children and their families.
There is no a price tag attached to something like this, the feeling of making a difference in the World is the return for the investment.
In addition, I will add my book to help as well, every book sold the proceeds will go towards education and building of schools as well us the mission for ending gender based fetus abortion. This will eliminate the violence against women and help create the World we always wanted with more education anything is possible.
Please contact my assistant Priyanka Gupta who will answer any questions you might have, and we are looking for make up artist who will have his/her name attached to the documentary in return. Thank you, Dianna Bellerose



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