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100 Successful Women Award March 16, 2019


This was one of the most increadible expirience in my life after thurteen years of work. I just want to say thank you to Carolina Makaka from UK who noticed my work from the bottom of my heart.

We are here on this planet to make a diffrence and use our voice to change things that imapcts all of us. Together we can and will trigger a change, no one should endure life for any reason. Life is about making changes, helping each other and making sure no one is left behind for any reason.


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Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- The Children of Gaza 08/24 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts

: Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- The Children of Gaza 08/24 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts

Green and Black Gaming Youtube Channel Art-10“A whole generation of children in Gaza is balancing on a knife edge where one more shock could have devastating life-long consequences,” Marcia Brophy, a senior health adviser at Save the Children, said in a statement on Sunday.”-