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Age Is Just A Number





Life begins at Birth and Ends with Death, so everyone has time between those two phases to build a new life and new career.
The teachers we want to have in life come from experiences in life, and they are the one who deserves our attention and respect.
Life does not come from a book where you can go and find answers to your questions.
Pice of paper does not make a teacher a teacher, experience in life is the best certification and the most reliable source. No one will and can connect to your problems if they never encounter it in theirs.

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Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- What if WE all become Love..? 02/02 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts

Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- What if WE all become Love..? 02/02 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts


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The Light Within
by Diana Bellerose
Link: http://amzn.com/1507571119

“Enlightenment is a destructive process.
 has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.
Enlightenment is the

crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing
through the facade of pretense. It’s the
complete eradication of everything we
imagined to be true.”
– Adyashanti

Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- 12 Words: Think It – Feel It- Do It 03/18 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts

 Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- 12 Words: Think It – Feel It- Do It 03/18 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts



The Light Within by Diana Bellerose

Link: http://amzn.com/1507571119


SHIRLEY PALMER will help you bridge the gap between your mind and your heart, giving you the tools to fulfil your life’s ambitions, to fully express yourself and maximise your potential. As a mindset master, mentor, speaker and author she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and revealing her actionable secrets to success. Shirley is a frequent speaker and presenter at global conferences, where she offers expertise on optimizing your life, health, and business through mastering your mindset. Additional, she is a regular contribution to diverse media outlets, high-profile blogs, programs, and podcasts and her debut title ’12 Words – Thinkit-Feelit-Doit’ was released last October and is available to purchase via Amazon.com.




Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Choreography of Awakening Faye Kitariev 03/11 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts

Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Choreography of Awakening Faye Kitariev 03/11 by DiannaBelleRose | Entertainment Podcasts


The Light Within by Diana Bellerose

Link: http://amzn.com/1507571119


Latvian-born Faye Kitariev is a former US figure skating coach and choreographer. Over a twenty-year professional career, Faye coached and choreographed numerous national and international skaters, including US national champion and Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen and world bronze medalist Johnny Weir. After the 2006 Olympic Games, Faye turned her attention to performance psychology, and why some athletes reach their full potential while others fall far short. Her study of personal growth and development led her to fields as diverse as sports psychology, yoga, meditation, tai chi, aikido, and hypnosis, resulting in her receiving an MA in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica.














Goal Tracker Essentials Program

This program includes everything what I have to offer in my first package. There are three total videos: How to Eliminate Goal Blocking Obstacles?, What it takes to alter Your Life?, Three Essential Steps to Achieve Goals, and  one year twice a week session with me. The sessions are one hour each, it includes my two ebooks “The Journey of Transformation” and “The Light Within”. The value of this package is: $1095.00


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Set Up A Goal Program

Have you ever wanted to change your life, but you had no idea how to do it? If this is the case, I know how it feels and that is why I created this program. The program is easy to follow and do not require a lot of time, but it requires determination to accomplish your goal. This program includes 6 months of one on one or group coaching. For your convenience I included a platform to use where you can create your own user name and password.  The one on one coaching can be done using Skype, phone or email. It is one hour session once a week. It also includes my ebook “The Journey of Transformation” , one Free Video, and I will be monitoring your progress and give feedback daily. It includes also handouts and other material to make sure you are on track.

If you are ready to change your life and set up a goal for the future, this is your chance. I promise you, together we can and will accomplish this as well us you will have a friend and coach to whom you will be able to share anything you wish to share. Your secret is saved with me, and I will make sure you never get lost because I will be here for you every step of the way. Together we can and will get you where you wish to go and make sure you stay on this road for the rest of your life.

The value of this package is: $766,50

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coaching session


Life and Business Coaching

Transformational and Inspirational Coaching opportunity for everyone who is ready to turn their life into opportunity to grow. The change always starts with us, I am offering individual and group sessions by offering the tools to achieve you goals and completely alter your life and career. My experience in life taught me that there is no obstacle which cannot be overcome and anything is achievable. People often doubt themselves and easily give up on their dreams because of it, but it is not the right thing to do when there is help available.

After years of being lost and not being able to live up to my full potential, I realized the person who must take charge in this life is me. All I need is inside, but it helps to have someone who can give some direction and support and knows how it feels to be stuck and misunderstood. My journey started with my first transformational book “The Journey of Transformation” in which I mapped all of the necessary steps taken by me. This book will help you align with your true personality values along with my navigation to easily receive answers to your  most pressing questions when it comes to effectively communicate in all kinds of situations. My job will be to illuminate a fresh prospective on finding your strength and purpose without directly giving any advice or solving your problems. You role be to be ready to do the job by engaging in the process and take the lead.

Schedule your complimentary session with me, lets partner and see how easy it is to achieve your goal and find solution to the most pressing questions. Life is too short to wait and the time is always now.

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